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Авторское право

RUSMONACO.com grants you a limited license to use and/or republish any of the press releases on this site for any legitimate media purpose, provided that you:  (1) reference RUSMONACO.com as the source and include a hyperlink to the original release on the RUSMONACO.com site; (2) do not modify any press release wording; and (3) do not modify or add hyperlinks, including but not limited to adlinks, within the press release.

Using press releases from RUSMONACO.com on other sites that offer competing services to those offered by RUSMONACO.com, including but not limited to press release distribution, or displaying RUSMONACO.com press releases in conjunction with content or materials that may be unlawful or considered harmful, hateful, sexually explicit, or otherwise objectionable to their authors, is expressly prohibited.  RUSMONACO.com may, in its sole discretion, direct you to remove a press release distributed via RUSMONACO.com’s service from your site at any time and for any reason, and you agree to comply with such request within 24 hours.

Non-press release pages cannot be republished without the prior written consent of RUSMONACO.com.  You may, however, link to these pages from your site.

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