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Vadim BlauStein: Post-Brexit era – what are the perspectives for the businesses in the Netherlands?


Mr. Blaustein, what can you say about the current state of the customs situation in the EU? Vadim Blaustein: At this moment, 28 of the EU member states participate in the Customs Union - an agreement decades old, an instrument towards the liberalisation of trade in Europe, which s... Читать далее »

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Vadim Blaustein and his analysis of prenuptial agreements – expert opinion


Vadim, please clarify to us what are the benefits of prenuptial agreement. Vadim Blaustein: Prenuptial agreement is a way of securing your assets, a tool to availing legal and financial risks associated with a divorce and an additional guarantee that the marriage will not lead to ... Читать далее »

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Vadim Blaustein analyses the artwork market and provides tips on buying artwork


In this interview, Mr. Vadim Blaustein, partner at BlauStein Business Lawyers, a resident of Monaco and an experienced lawyer dealing with various kinds of transactions, answers the common questions that aspiring art collectors often ask when embarking on an art journey. How can yo... Читать далее »

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Vadim Blaustein provides insights into popularity of crowd funding in financing an idea/start-up


Vadim Blaustein, the CEO of BlauStein Lawyers, answers several questions about crowdfunding, legal aspects of crowdfunding, the procedures in place and states his opinion on crowdfunding. What is crowdfunding? Who is using crowdfunding? Vadim Blaustein: In it’s very essence, cro... Читать далее »

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Vadim Blaustein on Real Estate Developments in Monaco


Vadim Blaustein, a resident of Monaco and an experienced lawyer dealing with numerous real state transactions provides an insight into the residential market and property developments in Monaco. What is the current status of residential properties in Monaco in terms of price? Va... Читать далее »

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Vadim Blaustein shares thoughts on important aspects of yacht purchasing


Vadim Blaustein, a resident of Monaco and an experienced lawyer dealing with numerous yacht purchase and financing transactions, as well as tax planning, tells in this interview what aspiring yacht owners need to know before purchasing the luxury yacht of their dreams. How do you f... Читать далее »

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Vadim Blaustein: 5 convinsing reasons to bring cryptocurrency into use for your business


2017 was marked by an unprecedented demand for the cryptocurrency. As a result, the cryptocurrencies grew in price at an incredible rate. For example, in April 2017 1 Bitcoin cost 1147,63 USD, in April 2018 the price is approximately 6992,51 USD. In December 2017, the price for 1 Bitc... Читать далее »

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Vadim Blaustein over onroerend goed in Monaco


Vadim Blaustein woont in Monaco en heeft als ervaren jurist talloze transacties in onroerend goed afgehandeld. Hij verschaft inzicht in de woningmarkt en nieuwbouwprojecten in Monaco. Wat is de huidige financiële status van woningen in Monaco? Vadim Blaustein: De huizen in Monac... Читать далее »

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К 5-летию GALA RUSSE 9 и 10 сентября Гримальди Форум Монако вновь примет звезд Санкт-Петербургского Государственного Академического Театра балета Эйфмана


Этот балет – трагическая и одновременно ослепительно яркая хроника духовной гибели человека. История о том, как извечная мечта о гармонии и счастье оборачивается крахом, а внешне красивая и беззаботная жизнь, протекающая под ритмы джаза, – кошмаром. Главный герой спектакля – преусп... Читать далее »

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MC Fashion Space


Гости мероприятия пробовали ароматы EX NIHILO, популярных нишевых духов из Парижа и могли выбрать подарок в корнере известной марки Chantal Thomas. L’ETO Арт-кафе, ресторан, летняя терраса, караоке Адрес: Quai Albert 1-er 18, Route de la Piscine, 98000 Monaco Телефон: +377 93 30... Читать далее »